Professional Services

Professional Services

Make the most of NGINX Plus

With the included support, documentation, and a certified, downloadable NGINX Plus build, there are few obstacles to get an NGINX implementation up and running in a matter of minutes.

However, sometimes the questions you have may go beyond installation and troubleshooting. Whether you want advice to translate your requirements to an optimized NGINX configuration, you need assistance on sizing and performance tuning or you have particular feature requirements, NGINX Professional Services are here to partner with your technical team and provide the expert assistance you need.

Find out how NGINX services can help you
If you’re deploying NGINX Plus in an enterprise and most of your skills are in Apache or some other web server, then I would highly recommend the professional services. They’re worth their weight in gold.”
Vinay Kudithipudi, VP of Data Centers and Infrastructure, GoGo

NGINX Professional Services are accounted for on a per-hour basis. You can purchase consultancy hours and draw down on them over 12 months, or you can agree a specific statement of work. Typical services can cover:

Setup, Configuration and Installation

If you are under time pressure, or don’t have the requisite skills in-house, we can help you get NGINX Plus installed and configured for your particular requirements:

  • NGINX configuration assistance
  • Analyze site architecture
  • Review log files
  • Identify potential bottlenecks
  • Check for compatibility issues
  • Review OS, network card, storage settings
  • Implement high availability configuration
  • Handover to your Sysadmin team

Performance Optimization

Out of the box, NGINX Plus delivers instant performance benefits. However, if you have particular workloads or performance requirements, or anticipate very variable traffic, we can:

  • Advise on specific benchmark tests to stress-test your platform
  • Load test the site in a sandbox environment
  • Simulate normal and peak load patterns
  • Simulate past production log files for “true to life” performance
  • Performance tuning of NGINX, OS kernel, network cards, disk I/O
  • Help you size for maximum efficiency at lowest cost during peak loads

Dedicated Development Engineer (DDE)

A dedicated member of the NGINX development team can give direct long-term support and is an ideal solution for large-scale, technically-complex deployments:

  • Direct access to a dedicated senior technical resource
  • Proactive planning and technical reviews
  • Solution recommendations and best practices
  • Roadmap visibility
  • Prioritization of bug fixes and feature requests
  • Architecture, Performance and Security reviews
  • Weekly reports
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