Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Production-Grade Kubernetes

NGINX Ingress Controller, the most widely used Ingress technology with more than 50 million DockerHub pulls,
is synonymous with high‑performing, scalable, and secure modern apps in production.

Why Use NGINX Ingress Controller?

  • Production-Grade
  • Secure Containerized Apps
  • Total Traffic Management

Production‑Grade Features

NGINX Ingress Controller provides a robust feature set to secure, strengthen, and scale your containerized apps, including:

  • Advanced app‑centric configuration – Use role‑based access control (RBAC) and self‑service to set up security guardrails (not gates), so your teams can manage their apps securely and with agility. Enable multi‑tenancy, reusability, simpler configs, and more.
  • Visibility and performance monitoring – Pinpoint undesirable behaviors and performance bottlenecks to simplify troubleshooting and make fixes faster.
  • NGINX Ingress resources – A native, type‑safe, and indented configuration style to simplify capabilities like circuit breaking, sophisticated routing, header manipulation, mTLS authentication, and WAF. Plus if you’re already using NGINX, NGINX Ingress resources make it easy to adapt existing configuration from your other environments.

Secure Cloud-Native, Containerized Apps

In today’s Kubernetes‑based, modern application environments, security at the edge is not sufficient. WAFs must be deployed closer to the apps they protect to reduce potential points of failure. NGINX Ingress Controller for NGINX Plus fully integrates with NGINX App Protect in a single, easy-to-deploy configuration, reducing the cost and complexity of production‑grade applications. It’s the only Ingress controller implementation that integrates a fully supported WAF to improve efficiencies by consolidating data‑plane devices and leveraging the Kubernetes API.


Seamlessly Manage Ingress and Egress Traffic

Easily and intelligently manage your ingress and egress application traffic in one fell swoop! NGINX Ingress Controller for NGINX Plus integrates with the always‑free NGINX Service Mesh for a unified data plane with production‑grade security, functionality, and scale. Lightweight and focused on Layer 7 application traffic management within clusters, NGINX Service Mesh is non‑intrusive, allowing the rest of your tech stack to perform without complications, the way it should be.

Deploy on Any Kubernetes Platform, Including:

  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

  • IBM Private Cloud
  • Diamanti

Get the Most Out of Kubernetes with NGINX

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