Professional Services

Professional Services

Going beyond software

Professional services for NGINX Plus can take your application infrastructure to a new level of performance, scalability and security.

If you require configuration assistance, performance tuning, and architecture optimization, Nginx Inc. offers the following professional services on top of NGINX Plus commercial subscriptions:

Enable your web site performance today

and Tuning

  • NGINX configuration assistance
  • Analyze site architecture
  • Identify potential bottlenecks
  • Check for compatibility issues
  • Review log files
  • Review OS, network card, storage settings
  • Implement high availability configuration

Performance Optimization

  • Everything in Configuration, plus:
  • Load test the site in a sandbox environment
  • Simulate normal and peak load patterns
  • Simulate past production log files for “true to life” performance
  • Performance tuning of NGINX, OS kernel, network cards, disk I/O
  • Sizing for maximum efficiency at lowest cost during peak loads

Dedicated Development Engineer (DDE)

  • Everything in Optimization, plus:
  • Direct access to a dedicated senior technical resource
  • Proactive planning and technical reviews
  • Solution recommendations and best practices
  • Roadmap visibility and feature requests
  • Prioritization of bug fixes
  • Security reviews
  • Weekly reports