NGINX and NGINX Plus Feature Matrix

NGINX and NGINX Plus Feature Matrix
Who is it for? Any web site or service requiring performance, scalability and reliability Businesses requiring a trusted, supported Web Server and Application Delivery Solution
Core Features
HTTP Origin Server
Massively-scalable event-driven architecture
Reverse proxy for HTTP and Mail (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
Application Acceleration with HTTP Keepalive offload, HTTP Caching and Compression
SPDY and SSL termination
Authentication and Bandwidth management
Load Balancing and Application Delivery
Content switching and Request routing
Advanced HTTP and TCP Load Balancing
Session Persistence
Advanced Cache Control
Application Health Checks
Media Delivery
High-performance streaming for MP4/FLV media
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS/VOD)
HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS/VOD)
Bandwidth management for MP4 media
RTMP Media Streaming
Graceful re-configuration and live binary updates
Remote logging with syslog
Live activity monitoring
On-the-fly load-balancing configuration
Support and Services
Community support
Support from Nginx engineering For binary downloads from
Support terms Standard (non-business-critical): 9×5;
Premium (production, business-critical): 24×7
Hot bugfixes Available with premium support
Professional Services Available
Pricing per instance
Software availability Community download from Private repository at
Supported Platforms Linux Linux (RHEL/CentOS, Debian, SLES, Ubuntu), FreeBSD 10
Support (standard) from Nginx, Inc. $1,350 per annum
Support (premium) from Nginx, Inc. $2,700 per annum